媒體合作形式/Forms Of Media Cooperation
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TV comm ercials
TV commercials remain the most direct and effective way to promote a product or brand. They quickly deliver the latest brand messages to the audience, and their ability to drive
response makes them very worthwhile. Different from the largely static advertising models employed by print and online media, TV commercials stimulate both the viewer’s visual and auditory senses, providing a powerful double impact. TV commercials are therefore definitely a better choice, either in terms of their advertising effectiveness or promotional technique. MASTV recommends the “sandwich” method of broadcasting commercials, which is currently popular in international communication media circles. It involves airing a commercial twice, either side of another brand’s commercial. Repeating the same advert within a short space of time helps draw audiences in and boosts viewer recall, producing the optimum outcome.


Entitlement sponsorship of programs
Commercial partners who have signed up for an annual entitlement sponsorship receive free corner ads or a pre- or post-program advertising aired right before or after the sponsored program.

Entitlement sponsorship is a great way to promote brands. Programs showing sponsor’s titles are broadcast with a high frequency on MASTV, and repeatedly aired on MSTV, an affiliate channel which has coverage of over 70% in Hong Kong. This form of promotion is more effective than individual advertisements. Moreover, the sponsor’s brand image is displayed frequently every day along with the repeatedly broadcast promotional videos of the program.

In terms of new media, the sponsor’s brand image and slogan are given a high degree of exposure as the entitlement programs are streamed live or viewed on-demand via new media platforms, such as those available online and through smart phone apps.

Coverage of corporate sponsor’s activities
Services include: full coverage of large-scale events, reports on key developments, and broadcasting of activities highlighting the sponsor’scorporate social responsibility and positive human-interest stories. If requested, MASTV can dispatch a team of reporters and a top host to cover events at the venue. The news item will be shown on MASTV news programs, including Morning Macau, and the 12:00 News, so as to provide viewers with all the latest updates and increase the sponsor’s exposure.

Custom content creation
Working closely to the client’s requirements, custom content can be created to deliver the desired advertising outcomes. Expert teams of media specialists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan provide clients with a complete raft of services, including scripts, site surveys, filming, dubbing, and post production.

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